The Biochemistry Division is among the best in the world: 9th in 2006 US News and World Report rankings

The 1997 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to faculty member, Paul Boyer

Five of us are members of the National Academy of Sciences


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Current Faculty    
James U. Bowie James W. Gober Sabeeha Merchant
Guillaume Chanfreau Jay D. Gralla Margot Quinlan
Catherine F. Clarke Wayne L. Hubbell Emil Reisler
Steven G. Clarke Carla M. Koehler Joan S. Valentine
Robert T. Clubb Christopher J. Lee Richard L. Weiss
Albert J. Courey Joseph A. Loo Todd O. Yeates
David S. Eisenberg Parag Mallick  
Juli Feigon Harold G. Martinson  
Emeriti Faculty  
Verne N. Schumaker Roberts A. Smith Charles A. West
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James U. Bowie
Membrane protein structure and folding; polymerizing protein modules for the construction of large macromolecular structures

Office - (310) 206-4747
Lab - (310) 206-4748
Fax - (310) 206-4749
655 Boyer Hall

Guillaume Chanfreau
Associate Professor
RNA processing and metabolism in eukaryotes; RNA-Protein interactions; RNA endonucleases

Office - (310) 825-4399
Lab - (310) 825-8412
4042A Young Hall

Catherine F. Clarke
Biosynthesis, regulation and function of ubiquinone (coenzyme Q); characterization of genes in the ubiquinone biosynthetic pathway; interspecific complementation of yeast ubiquinone mutants;
anti-oxidant defense mechanisms

Office - (310) 825-0771
Lab - (310) 825-7327
5072B Young Hall

Steven G. Clarke
Protein methylation reactions in eukaryotic cells; non-enzymatic degradation reactions of proteins; biochemistry of aging; signal transduction

Office - (310) 825-8754
Lab - (310) 825-3137
640 Boyer Hall
Robert T. Clubb
Associate Professor
Mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis; Function of cell surface virulence factors in Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus anthracis; Heteronuclear multidimensional NMR spectroscopy; Mechanisms of recombination

Office - (310) 206-2334
Lab - (310) 206-4038
602 Boyer Hall
Albert J. Courey
Transcriptional regulation; biochemical and molecular genetic analysis of pattern formation during fruit fly embryogenesis
Office - (310) 825-2530
Lab - (310) 206-4982
5040B Young Hall
David S. Eisenberg
Study of biochemical macromolecules by X-ray diffraction and computational methods; structure and action of enzymes and of membrane-related proteins; protein folding and the atomic basis of biological recognition

National Academy of Sciences Member
Office - (310) 825-3754
Lab - (310) 825-8901
201A Boyer Hall
Juli Feigon
Conformational studies of nucleic acids using multidimensional NMR techniques: DNA triplexes and quadruplexes; drug-DNA complexes, DNA and RNA aptamers; DNA and RNA-protein complexes

Office - (310) 206-6922
Lab - (310) 825-9232
Fax - (310) 825-0982
256 Boyer Hall
James W. Gober
Transcriptional regulation during cell differentiation in Caulobacter; genetics and biochemistry of cell cycle and polar gene expression; DNA higher-order structure and transcriptional activation; chromosome structure
Office - (310) 206-9449
Lab - (310) 206-5684
5072C Young Hall
Jay D. Gralla
The role of nucleic acid-protein complexes in cellular controls; repression and activation of transcription; mechanism of action of anti-cancer drugs that attack DNA; chemical probes of DNA structure

Office - (310) 825-1620
Lab - (310) 825-9881
440 Boyer Hall

Wayne L. Hubbell

Molecular mechanisms of membrane transduction and switching processes, primarily visual transduction and voltage dependent membrane gating systems. Development of spectroscopic approaches for the study of membrane structure, dynamics and electrostatic phenomena

National Academy of Sciences Member
Office - (310) 206-8830
Lab - (310) 206-8831
3-219 Jules Stein Eye Inst.
Carla M. Koehler
Associate Professor

Genetic and biochemical studies of protein import into mitochondria, role of mitochondrial biogenesis in cellular functions and disease

Office - (310) 794-4834
Lab - (310) 825-8427
4041A Young Hall

Christopher J. Lee
Bioinformatics and genomics: genome sequence analysis; computational methods for identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms; genomics databases; prediction of protein structure and function
Office - (310) 825-7374
Lab - (310) 794-4026
601A Boyer Hall
Joseph A. Loo
Development of novel bioanalytical methods for the characterization of proteins and their post-translational modifications and their application for drug discovery and proteomics. Development and application of electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for the study of noncovalently-bound macromolecular complexes and their interactions with inhibitors. Fundamentals of analytical chemistry and mass spectrometry.
Office - (310) 794-7023
402 Boyer Hall
Parag Mallick
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Our group primarily develops and applies systems approaches to quantitatively describe organisms' physiologic states. Applications include enabling personalized, predictive medicine. Specifically, we are developing experimental techniques and computational methods for quantitative proteomic profiling and pattern discovery. In addition, we are developing tools to integrate genomic information with proteomic information so as to better elucidate the genome and to develop more detailed models of regulation.
Office - (310) 423-7600
Fax - (310) 423-1998
Harold G. Martinson
Coupling of RNA processing with transcription in eukaryotes: splicing; cleavage & polyadenylation; poly(A)-dependent pausing and termination.
Office - (310) 825-3767
Lab - (310) 825-4916
5040A Young Hall
Sabeeha Merchant
Copper and iron homeostasis; re-modelling of the photosynthetic apparatus in iron-deficiency; mechanisms of copper sensing and signal transduction; cytochrome c biogenesis; chloroplast metabolism; photosynthesis

Office - (310) 825-8300
Lab - (310) 825-3661
Fax - (310) 206-1035
5070A Young Hall

Margot Quinlan
Assistant Professor -- joining the department in July 2008!
Dynamics of the actin cytoskeleton; the role of Spire and Cappuccino in regulating actin and oogenesis; biochemistry, genetics and microscopy
Office - (310) 206-8064
Lab - TBA
Fax - (310) 206-5213
502 Boyer Hall
Emil Reisler
Structure and function of contractile proteins; protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions; mechanism of muscle contraction; mechanism of ATP hydrolysis; self assembly of myosin and actin
Office - (310) 825-2668
Lab - (310) 825-4585
402 Boyer Hall
Joan S. Valentine
Bioinorganic chemistry study of the reactivity and other properties of transition metal complexes that are analogues of metalloenzyme active sites; study of structure-function relationships in the enzyme copper-zinc superoxide dismutase using site-directed utagenesis; biochemistry of oxygen, superoxide, and peroxide

National Academy of Sciences Member
Editor-in-Chief, Accounts of Chemical Research

Office - (310) 825-9835
Lab - (310) 825-2807
Fax - (310) 206-9880
4037 Young Hall

Richard L. Weiss
Compartmentation of enzymes and metabolites; molecular genetics, metabolic and genetic regulation in eukaryotic microorganisms
Office - (310) 825-3621
Lab - (310) 206-0946
5072A Young Hall

Todd O. Yeates
Three-dimensional structure and function of proteins by X-ray diffraction; computational analysis of macromolecules

Office - (310) 206-4866
Lab - (310) 825-8901
255 Boyer Hall

Emeriti Faculty

Daniel E. Atkinson
Professor Emeritus
Cellular energy metabolism and its regulation

Office - (310) 825-1159
2069 Young Hall

Paul D. Boyer
Professor Emeritus
Bioenergetics of ATP synthesis

1997 Nobel Prize Winner
National Academy of Sciences Member

Office - (310) 825-1466
639A Boyer Hall
Richard E. Dickerson
Professor Emeritus
X-ray studies of nucleic acids and proteins; sequence/structure relationships in double-helical DNA; binding of anti-tumor drugs and recognition proteins to DNA; evolution of macromolecules and metabolic pathways

National Academy of Sciences Member
Office - (310) 825-5864
Lab - (310) 206-8278
255A Boyer Hall
Verne N. Schumaker
Professor Emeritus
Surface architecture of serum lipoproteins using monoconal antibodies, and the structure of the gene coding for apolipoprotein B; mechanism of activation of the first component of complement, and the role of segmental flexibility in the immune system; expression of complement proteins
Office - (310) 825-3531
Lab - (310) 825-8760
3060 Young Hall
Roberts A. Smith
Professor Emeritus
Phosphorus-nitrogen bonds in proteins;mechanisms of antiviral agents and methionine and folic acid metabolism in normal and malignant cells
Charles A. West
Professor Emeritus
Plant biochemistry; regulation of the biosynthesis of isoprenoid compounds with physiological activity including disease resistance agents and the gibberellin family of growth regulators; diterpene metabolism, studies of molecular mechanisms involved in plant disease resistance
Office - (310) 825-1255
4048 Young Hall

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