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Using linlog - Biochemistry Instrumentation Laboratory


I.    Logging on to an instrument:

a)   LinRL is a Linux-based program that is used to both reserve and log the use of instruments.  The two parts interact in that you must log on to an instrument that you have reserved within 10 minutes of the reserved time or the entire reservation will cancel!

b)   Inside the Biochemistry Instrumentation Laboratory, there is a computer to use for logging onto the instruments that are located in the lab.

c)   Usually there is a window open running the linlog program.  If not, see below (section IV).

d)   Enter your 4 character access code that you were given at the time you were first given access to an instrument that is controlled by LinRL.  Press Enter.

e)   Enter 1 for Log ON; press Enter.

f)    The next question allows you to change your account number for that session only.  Usually you will enter n; press Enter.  If you enter y, you will be able to change the account number for that session.

g)   Next you will be given a list of all instruments for which you have access and that are not already logged on by someone else.  Enter the number that corresponds to the instrument you wish to select; press Enter.  (See section III below if the instrument is not in the list.)

h)   Next you will see an acknowledgment of the instrument that you have chosen followed by OK?.  You MUST enter y, then press Enter or you will not be logged on.


II    Logging off an instrument:

a)   Enter your 4 character access code then press Enter.

b)   Enter 2 for Log OFF; press Enter.

c)   If you were logged onto more than one instrument, you will have to select from the list and confirm as for logging on.


III. Logging off an instrument that was logged on by someone else:

a)   If you are sure that someone is done with an instrument and you can log them off.  You may need to do this before you can log on.

b)   Enter your 4 character access code, then press Enter.

c)   Enter 3 for Log off someone else!; press Enter.

d)   You will have to select from the list and confirm as for logging on.


IV. Helpful tips for using linlog:

a)   Anytime you want to start over in linlog, hit the Esc key and you will be back to the beginning where you enter your access code.

b)   If linlog is not running on the computer in the lab:

1.   If there is just an open terminal window with nothing running, type linlog to start it.

2.   If there is not even a terminal window open, select the icon on the top tool bar that looks like a terminal window, then type linlog.

3.   If for some reason the computer is not even logged on, log on with the username bio.  (You will be told the password at the time you are first given access to an instrument that is controlled by LinRL.)  Then open a terminal window and type linlog.


V.  The most convenient way to make reservations is through a web based version of LinRL.  There is a separate write-up available on the Reservations link.  If you use the LinRL computer in the Biochemistry Instrumentation Laboratory for this, please do not close the browser when you are done, just minimize it to get it out of the way.


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