The UCLA-DOE Biochemistry Instrumentation Facility

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UCLA-DOE Biochemistry Instrumentation Home

UCLA-DOE Institute of Genomics and Proteomics

Nexcelom Bioscience Automatic Cell Counter (Cellometer Auto M1O)

Thermo Scientific Nanodrop 2000 Spectrophotometer
Hewlett-Packard HP8453 diode-array UV/Visible spectrophotometer with Peltier temperature control.
Photon Technology International QuantaMaster Spectrofluorimeter
JASCO J-715 Circular Dichroism spectrophotometer, with Peltier temperature control and auto-titration attachments
Applied Photophysics SX.18MV microvolume stopped-flow spectrometer
Beckman Model XL-A analytical ultracentrifudge
Mettler/Paar DMA O2D Precision Density Meter
Biacore T100 Surface Plasmon Resonance System
Calorimetry Sciences Corporation Nano-II 6100 Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Bio-Rad FX Pro plus Fluorimager/PhosphorImager
AlphaImager 2000 CCD camera Gel imaging system

Alpha Innotech FluorChem FC2 Imaging System
Beckman LS6500 Liquid Scintillation Counter
French Press

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