UC Los Angeles - Chemistry & Biochemistry Department - Young Hall, Room 5044

Jan 11, 2013: Thermo Forma Incubator - Shaker

Our second large volume floor shaker is working again.  The shaker, despite earlier confusion, does not have a cooling ability, and therefore should be run at temperatures above 25°C.

As always with our shakers, be sure to use only properly sized flask holders (DO NOT use paper towels or the like to fit a small flask in a large holder), and attempt to evenly distribute weight on the shaker table.  This sadly, continues to be a problem and could seriously damage the incubator-shakers.


July 2, 2012: Nexcellom Cell Counter [UPDATE]

The repaired cell counter is en route from the manufacturer and should arrive on Friday, July 6th.  Re-installation should be simple and the cell counter will be available for use next week.

June 21, 2012: Isothermal Titration Calorimetry

Installation on the new ITC will begin.  Look for announcements about training for the instrument in the near future.  For information on ITC, visit the manufacturers website here.

April 23, 2012: LiCOR Odyssey

The latest analysis software for the LiCOR Odyssey has been installed on the computer.  For information, see LiCOR webpage here.  This previous analysis software remains on the computer and is still perfectly usable for those who prefer the old program.

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