Pictures of Alumni & Friends

1. Former Lab Member Photos

2. The Seven Samuri (Alan Chang, Ron Kagan, Steve Clarke, Duncan MacLaren, Bill Tsai, Jon Lowenson, Jeff Ichikawa)

3. David Sigman, Hui Cai, Mary Beth Mudgett, Jim Bowie, Steve Clarke

4. Connie Ann Clarke, Cathy Clarke, Steve Clarke, Duncan MacLaren, Beth Marbois, Sarah Marbois

5. Steve at the bench in the old days

6. David Sigman explaining peptide chemistry

7. 1998 - 20 year reunion of the original group

8. Graduation 1990: Steven Clarke, Mark Reeves, Lee Ding, Jonathan Lowenson, June Fu, Cathy Clarke

9. Examining the first transgenic mice, 1993

10. Barbecue at Adam and Amy Frankel's house, June 1999

11. 1990 Birthday celebration: Steven Clarke, Jonathan Lowenson, Bob Stephenson, Chuan Li

12. August 1990 - goodbye party for Diego and Alex Ingrosso (Connie Ann Clarke is 8 days old)

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