Clarke lab and friends at Nick's Casa Dulce in Ojai, February 2007

March 2010, Lab Outing to Santa Cruz Island

April 2010, ASBMB meeting in Anaheim - Jamil Momand (Clarke Lab PhD 1990) and his former undergraduate Cecilia Zurita-Lopez (Clarke Lab PhD 2011)

June 2010, Kris Webb and Paola Castro's Graduation

Jon Wanagat's Birthday Celebration

July 2010-Kris Webb PhD Celebration

March 2011-Visit of Professor Sunny Zhou to the Clarke lab, hosted by Alexander Patananan

Celebration of the two newest PhDs in the Clarke lab-Cecilia Zurita-Lopez and Shilpi Khare

Cecilia Zurita-Lopez with former Clarke lab member Tanya Porras-Yakushi

The Clarke lab's two newest PhDs, Cecilia Zurita-Lopez and Shilpi Khare, with Clarke lab researcher Paola Castro and former member Tara Gomez

Lab Photos

Original Clarke lab group - first row Jack Barber and Cathy Freitag; second row Steve Clarke, Linda Brunauer, Lily Lou, and David Murray

Photos of Alumni and Friends