Papers Published in the Quinlan Lab


Kudryashova, E., Heisler, D.B., Williams, B., Harker, A.J., Shaker, K., Quinlan, M.E., Kovar, K.R., Vavylonis, D., Kudryashova, D.S. Actin Cross-Linking Toxin is a Universal Inhibitor of Tandam-Organized and Oligomeric G-Actin Binding Proteins. Curr Biol 28”1536-1547. epub 5/2018. [pdf]

*Silkworth, W. T.1, Kunes K.L.3, Nickel G.C., Phillips M.L., Quinlan M.E., Vizcarra C.L. The Neuron Specific Formin Delphilin Nucleates Actin Filaments but Does Not Enhance Elongation. MBoC 28:610-621, 2018. epub 12/2017. co-corresponding authors. [pdf]

-Will Silkworth is a postdoc, Kristina Kunes is an undergraduate and Christina Vizcarra is a former postdoc in the lab.

*Patel, A. A.2, Durer, Z. A. O.1, Loon, A. P. van, Quinlan, M. E. The Drosophila Formin Fhod Nucleates Actin Filaments. J Biol Chem 293:532-540, 2018. epub 11/2017. [pdf]

-Aanand Patel is a graduate student and Zeynep Durer is a former postdoc in the lab.


 Vizcarra, C.L. and Quinlan, M.E. Actin filament assembly by bacterial factors VopL/F: Which end is up? J Cell Biol. 216:1211-1213, 2017. PMID: 28416477, PMCID:PMC5412575 [pdf]


Quinlan, M.E. Cytoplasmic Streaming Mechanisms in the Drosophila Oocyte. Ann. Rev. Cell and Dev. Biol., 6;32:173-195, 2016. PMID:27362645 [pdf]


Durer, Z.A.O., R.M. McGillivary, H. Kang, W.A. Elam, C.L. Vizcarra, D. Hanein, E.M. De La Cruz, E. Reisler, M.E. Quinlan. Metavinculin tunes the flexibility and the architecture of vinculin induced bundles of actin filaments. J. Mol. Biol. 427:2782-2798, 2015. PMID:26168869, PMCID:PMC4540644 [pdf]

-Dr. Zeynep Durer and Dr. Christina Vizcarra are postdocs; Rebecca McGillivary is an undergraduate in the lab.

Yoo, H.#, E. Roth-Johnson# B. Bor, M.E. Quinlan. Drosophila Cappuccino alleles provide insight into formin mechanism and role in oogenesis. Mol. Biol. of the Cell 26:1875-86, 2015. PMID:25788286, PMCID:PMC4436832 #authors contributed equally [pdf]

-Elizabeth Roth-Johnson is a graduate student and Haneul Yoo was an undergraduate and is a research assistant in the lab.

Bor, B., J.S. Bois, M.E. Quinlan. Regulation of the formin Cappuccino is critical for polarity of Drosophila oocytes. Cytoskeleton 72:1-15, 2015. PMID:25557988, PMCID:PMC4361322 [pdf]

-Batbileg Bor is a graduate student and Dr. Justin Bois is a postdoc in the lab.

Fattouh, R., H. Kwon, M.A. Czuczman, J.W. Copeland, L. Pelletier, M.E. Quinlan, A.M. Muise, DE. Higgins, J.H. Brumell. The Diaphanous-Related Formins Promote Protrusion Formation and Cell-to-Cell Spread of Listeria monocytogenes. J Infect Dis. 211:1185-95, 2015. PMID:25281757, PMCID:PMC4432431 [pdf]

Rasson A.S.2, J.S. Bois1, D.S. Pham3, H. Yoo, M.E. Quinlan. Filament assembly by Spire:  Key residues and concerted actin binding.  J. Mol. Biol. 427:824-39, 2015. PMID:25234086, PMCID:PMC4324353 [pdf]

-Amy Rasson is a graduate student, Justin Bois is a postdoc, Stephen Pham and Hanuel Yoo are undergraduates in the lab.


Vizcarra, C.L., B. Bor, M.E. Quinlan. The role of formin tails in actin nucleation, processive elongation, and filament bundling. J. Biol. Chem. 289:30602-30613, 2014. PMID:25246531, PMCID:PMC4215239 [pdf]

-Dr. Christina Vizcarra is a postdoc in the lab and Batbileg Bor is a graduate student.

Roth-Johnson, E.A., Vizcarra, C.L., Bois, J.S., and M.E. Quinlan. Interaction between microtubules and the Drosophila formin Cappuccino and its effect on actin assembly. J Biol Chem. Feb 14;289(7):4395-4404, 2014. PMCID: PMC3924302. [pdf]

- Elizabeth Roth-Johnson is a graduate student in the lab. Dr. Christina Vizcarra and Dr. Justin Bois are postdocs in the lab.


Quinlan, M.E.  Direct interaction between two actin nucleators is required in Drosophila oogenesis. Development 140:4417-4425, 2013. [pdf]


Bor, B., C.L. Vizcarra, M.L. Phillips, and M.E. Quinlan Autoinhibition of the formin Cappuccino in the absence of canonical autoinhibitory domains. Mol. Biol. of the Cell 23:3801-3813, 2012. PMCID: PMC3459857. [pdf]

- Batbileg Bor is a graduate student and Christina Vizcarra is a postdoc in the lab.

Chen, C.K., M.R. Sawaya, M.L. Phillips, E. Reisler, and M.E. Quinlan. Multiple forms of Spire-actin complexes and their functional consequences. J. Biol. Chem. 287:10684-10692. 2012. PMCID: PMC3323035. [pdf]

- Christine Chen is a former graduate student in the Reisler lab


Vizcarra, C.L.#, Kreutz, B.#, Rodal, A.A., Toms, A.V., Lu, J., Zhang, W., Quinlan, M.E.*, and M.J. Eck*. Structure and function of the interacting domains of Spire and Fmn-family formins. PNAS. 108:11884-11889, 2011. PMCID: PMC3141961. #authors contributed equally, *co-corresponding authors [pdf]

-Dr. Christina Vizcarra is  a postdoc in the lab.

Quinlan Papers before UCLA

Zuchero, J.B., Coutts, A.S., Quinlan, M.E., Thangue, N.B., and R.D. Mullins. p53-cofactor JMY is a multifunctional actin nucleation factor. Nat Cell Biol. 11:451-459, 2009. PMCID: PMC2763628. [pdf]

Quinlan, M.E. and E. Kerkhoff. Actin nucleation: bacteria get in-Spired. Nat Cell Biol Jan; 10(1):13-5, 2008. [pdf]

Quinlan, M.E., Hilgert, S., Bedrossian, A., Mullins, R.D., and E. Kerkhoff. Regulatory interactions between two actin nucleators, Spire and Cappuccino. J Cell Biol. Oct 8;179(1):117-28, 2007. PMCID:PMC2064741. [pdf] [cover]

Quinlan M.E., Heuser, J.E., Kerkhoff, E., and R.D. Mullins. Drosophila Spire is an actin nucleation factor. Nature. Jan 27;433(7024):382-8, 2005. [pdf]

Quinlan, M.E., Forkey, J.N. and Y.E. Goldman. Orientation of the Light Chain Region in Myosin By single-and Multi-Molecule Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Polarization Microscopy. Biophys. J. 89:1132-1142, 2005. PMCID: PMC1366598 [pdf]

Forkey, J.N., Quinlan, M.E. and Y.E. Goldman. Orientation of Single Macro-molecules by Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Polarization Microscopy. Biophys. J. 89:1261-1271, 2005. PMCID: PMC1366610 [pdf]

Rosenberg, S.A., Quinlan, M.E., Forkey, J.N., and Y.E. Goldman. Rotational motions of macro-molecules by single-molecule fluorescence microscopy. Acc Chem Res. Jul;38(7):583-93, 2005. Review. [pdf]

Forkey, J.N., Quinlan, M.E., Shaw, M.A., Corrie, J.E.T. and Y.E. Goldman. Three-dimensional structural dynamics of myosin V by single-molecule fluorescence polarization. Nature. 422:399-404, 2003. [pdf]

Quinlan, M.E., Forkey, J.N., and Y.E. Goldman. Kinesin-ADP: whole lotta shakin' goin' on. Nat Struct Biol. Jun;8(6):478-80, 2001. [pdf]

Forkey, J.N., Quinlan, M.E., and Y.E. Goldman. Protein structural dynamics by single-molecule fluorescence polarization. Prog Biophys Mol Biol.;74(1-2):1-35, 2000. Review. [pdf]


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