RNA-Protein Complexes

The Feigon Laboratory

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Tetrahymena telomerase holoenzyme EM structure

Crystal structure of p65 C-terminal domain with TER stem IV

Rnt1p dsRBD-AAGU hairpin complex

Chemical shift diffs. between free and b2NRE-bound nucleolin RBD12

Rnt1p dsRBD-snR47h RNA Complex

Nucleolin RBD12/b2NRE Complex

Nucleolin Recognition Element (NRE) RNA free and bound

Nucleolin RBD12-RNA Stem-Loop Complex

Nucleolin RBD12

Protein Structures

Crystal structure of p65 C-terminal domain

Solution structures of S.cerevisiae H/ACA protein Nhp2p with Cis Pro83 and trans Pro83

Crystal structure of the CS domain of the essential H/ACA ribonucleoparticle assembly protein Shq1p

C-terminal domain of ORF1p from mouse LINE-1

Box H/ACA snoRNP Components Nop10 and U65 RNA

Telomerase RNA Structures

Kluyveromyces lactis telomerase RNA pseudoknot

hTR core domain

J2a/b Loop

Pseudouridine modified P6.1 hairpin of human telomerase RNA

Wild-type P2B-P3 pseudoknot of human telomerase RNA

RDC-refined P2B-P3 pseudoknot from human telomerase RNA (delta U177)

CR7 terminal hairpin loop from human telomerase RNA

Tetrahymena telomerase stem-loop IV

Tetrahymena Telomerase RNA Helix II TBE

Structure of the human telomerase RNA pseudoknot

Telomerase Pseudoknot Stem 1 Hairpin

Dyskeratosis Congenita Mutation in Telomerase RNA

RNA Structures

Class II preQ1 Riboswitch Structure

Class I PreQ1 Riboswitch Structure

U64 H/ACA snoRNA 3' terminal hairpin loop

U85 C/D-H/ACA scaRNA 5' terminal hairpin loop

H/ACA U65 complex with RNA substrate

b2 Nucleolin Recognition Element

AGAA and AGUU RNA Hairpins Recognized by Yeast RNase III

Rev Binding Element

Loop B Domain RNA from Hairpin Ribozyme

NMR solution structure of Medaka fish TR CR4/5

Hairpin Ribozyme (undocked form)

ATP-Binding RNA Aptamer

GAAA Tetraloop Receptor RNA

UGAA RNA Tetraloop

DNA - Protein and Drug Complexes

HMGB Protein NHP6A-DNA Complex

NHP6A binding to cisplatin-modified DNA

NHP6A and LEF1

Cys-Met-TANDEM bound to DNA

DNA A-Tracts and Cation Binding to Nucleic Acids

Bending in DNA A-tract Repeat Sequences

Mg+2 Localization on TnAn Tracts

Ion Localization on A-tract DNAs

Oxy 1.5 with Ammonium Ions

Metal Binding Sites on Domain B of the Hairpin Ribozyme

DNA Quadruplexes

Na+ and K+ form of Oxy 1.5

Oxytricha telomere DNA quadruplex (Oxy 1.5)

Thrombin binding DNA aptamer

Oxytricha telomere unimolecular DNA quadruplex (Oxy 3.5)

DNA Triplexes

RNA-DNA Triplex (RDD-EG)

DNA Triplex (DDD-EG)

DNA Triplex with Propyne Nucleotide (PDD-EG)

DNA Triplex with N7G nucleotide

DNA Triplex with D nucleotidehttp://www.rcsb.org/pdb/explore.do?structureId=1WAN

HHR23A (human homologue of Rad23)

XPCB Domain

UBA(1)-Ub and UBA(2)-Ub Interaction

Comparison of UBA(1) and (2)

HHR23A Ubl Domain

UIM-2 of Proteasome Subunit S5a

HHR23A Ubl:S5a UIM-2 Complex

HHR23A C-Term UBA Domain

Loop 1 of UBA(2) and UBA(2)P333E